Anaya Kiran Choudry Ebony Nights is a new brand name by Kiran Chaoudry. A new upcoming star of fashion, which presents its latest collection of chiffon dresses in a very stylish and simple way. Its first launch was in 2016 and now she present its 2nd collection. New designers have to work very choosy, because fashion industry is already full of excellent or bogus designers. To prove them selves every success needs some sacrifices. In this Collection, only 8 designs are there. 3 designs cost is 10,850/- rest are 9850/-

Anaya Kiran Choudry Ebony Nights – Chiffon Collection

This designs color is Black. Black is use as a sign of the importance and seriousness. Including sober, simple and discreet. This suit is a combo of soberness and fashionable. The opposite color of golden is use in the embroidery. Which makes the suit more likely by eyes.

The Design n Pieces Available

Every Designer suit is seriously judge by their neatness in the embroidery. The more work in the embroidery is require whether any shape or print is it. In this design, a unique design of flower vase is in the center of damn embroidery. The embroidery is of roses buds. The color mixing and the depth part is cover with bronze and silver color. The neck embroidery is of 17 inches long and adding a beautiful garland of buds of roses.

Also in the sleeves, a very bright embroidery patch is provide with the suit. A wide 15 inches long belly sleeves can be stitch according to the style. The sleeves fabric is of pure chiffon and fully embroidery with small square flowers.

The dupatta is four sided embroidered. Including the small flowers all scatter in the center of the dupatta. The addons is stick to the dupatta to give it a heavy look.

The trouser is of plain and of Pure Shinny Silk. Including the Black Inner with the item.

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Anaya Kiran Choudry Ebony Nights