Asim Jofa AJC-02 A Mysorie Chiffon 2017

Dear friends, today i give u a little review about Asim Jofa AJC-02 A Mysorie Chiffon 2017. All the suits are beautiful from the entire collection but this piece is attract by each and every single teenager or married women.

The look of dory (golden thread) embroidery is unique from other stylish fashion industry. The suit is fully cover with the thread embroidery. Full Shirt including sleeves, neck, and daman is cover with thread embroidery.

Asim Jofa AJC-02 A Mysorie Chiffon 2017

Asim Jofa 02 A design is consists of the mysori fabric. First time Asim Jofa uses this fabric with his creative ideas. The suit is of heavy look. It can also says the these suits are wedding wears. Due to full dori work and tissue type fabric it left all brands behind.

As in common these suits can not be wears in the hot summer season due to heaviness and fully embroidery.

The Stithing Concept

Our theme of stitching suits are “The more the add-ons into the suit the more heavy and classy looks it shows”.
These days majorly all brands uses heavy and fancy looks for their designs suits. Because they want to be famous and choosy all the time in every event, or in any occasion.

In the neck only the designer uses almost 6 Large pearls in the front. And not only that he uses 16 small pearls at the back neck. Not only this, the designer uses almost 25 Beads in the front Daman Only. This means a lot of increased work on tailors to joint each and every bead seperately on to one side.

Also u can see the tissue in the trouser makes the trouser more beautifull. the Tissue piece is join in the middle of the trouser with again small beads. There are 2 layers of the tissue in one bottom side.

The full Dupatta is cover with small round embroidery and sequins. The 2 sided dupatta is joint with Heavy Fully Embroidery Piece as shown in the picture. The embroidery piece is almost 16 inches long on both the sides of the dupatta. The Contrass of Red, Black and Golden is absoultely glourious.