Baroque Pine Green Swiss Voil
Baroque Pine Green Swiss Voil

Baroque Pine Green Swiss Voil is one of the most favorite and Hit Brand this year. It includes 8 suits in a set. Each item is full of colorful flowers. The most interesting thing is the bright colors of the suits. This shows that the designer have a very deep effect of colors. And can use the heavy colors such as Black, Marginta, and Dark Green. The rest of the 5 items are Light Colors Such as Light blue, Yellow, Light Peach and White.

Baroque Pine Green Swiss Voil

Each Designs is named differently as its Original inspired by. As this Named Pine Green Suit designed with Pink and White Flowers. It is just a preview of Gardening Flowers as in Spring. All the Fabric Materials is in swiss voil. It includes Embroidered Full Front, Embroidered Neck Line, Embroidered Daman, Embroidered Sleeves Border, Digital Printed Chiffon Dupatta.

The swiss voil fabric is made up of pure Lawn Fabric, but lighter in the weight and easily absorbs the sweat out from the body. The Iron thing is only required one time only, due to its a wrinkle free quality. Amd as we all know that baroque embroidered lawn collection is only fry clean only.

The Stitching

The missing part of the Original suit is its decoration which is in the sleeves. And in the Daman. The Tailor doesn’t uses the normal beads. He took the best Beads names as Turkish small sized beads in the suit. By which our professional tailor also uses. To keep the exact look of the suit u really need the exact or similar things which is a little harder for any tailor to find it out.

A Simple trouser is very easy to made. But for the lace trouser up to the top is a different one. Here the credit again goes to the tailor. As he uses not the cream color pipen. He uses very fine Lace to keep the look as in the pic.

In the short any branded suit is only and only looks beautiful when it stitched beautifully. Otherwise the thousand rupee suit is worthless if it is not stitched Perfectly.

In Client Review

As a client, we pick only that suit which we think that we look perfect by our face cuts and color. This dark green color suit i think is that for every lady, that wants to have the first appearance as an elegant and sophisticated and determined to her professional. Our Client is very happy to receive such designed and perfectly stitched suit. And also promised us to have shopping again.