The crimson Azure 7A Spring Summer 2017 is launch on 20th of March 2017. Crimson Luxury Lawn produce by Saira Shakira. The Lady promises to be beautiful and on-trend. Mostly in her designs are butterflies a composition of ancient relics, grass textures, palm trees, fences and roses are present. And happy go lucky motifs have been spot on a number of runways and the emblazoning of art and paintings into print is trending.

The Beauty & Prints

The colour uses in this print called as Azure is bright n dark blue. With Yellow medium silk dupatta. The suit is cover with all the beautiful florals with a self create geometric pattern. It features botanical embroideries, an elegant lace for the sleeves and a pure silk dupatta. This is the only design that comes with hand embellished, sequined motifs in the shape of a butterfly and bug! Happy go lucky motifs are trending globally

Crimson Azure 7A Spring Summer 2017 – The Stitching

The Neck and Sleeves have red lily flowers and yellow daffodils. Front 2 embroidered patches of lotus flower are attached by embed machines to show the full garden scenery. Neck included 3 to 4 custom made buttons with perfect dori pipen in the neck. The sleeves Embroidery and the daman Embroidery are merge to create the flow of the rhythm of garden.

In most of the suits, we see that the continuous of the dori piepn in the daman our chaks are missing. But Professionals are professionals. They make it in such a proper way to show that its already have it no custom made. Here also the same color silk dori pipenis use that is visible and clear. As per according to customers requirement. The Pants are straight, no bell-bottom types. We keep the customers choice on top of the list.