Today we review about the new eid collection that is Gul Ahmed FE 70 Festive Eid 2017. Gul Ahmed is a heart touching brand of Pakistan. Mostly Young Generation use to wear its master pieces. Every Piece has its own beauty. Suit FE 70, FE 33, FE 21, FE 10, Fe 41, FE 71 and FE 42 is include in this collection. All suits represented by Famous Pakistani Model “Sana Jawad”. She has a very cute face. And represents the young youth. The color uses in this royal collection by Gulahmed are very light, decent and very attractive.

The Luxury Collection

The full suit if of off white and creamy color. The Front of the Shirt is fully embroidery with maroon big and small motifs. The yellow flowers are all surrounded by these motifz. And green leaves cover them. All the Neck embroidery designs is of a tall block style with geometric design. The neck show is increase by adding long twin color tussles of maroon and white. All eight tussels are joint, four on each sides. The front Daman embroidery is on Tissue with Creamy color.

Gul Ahmed FE 70 Festive Eid 2017

The sleeves and back of the suit is print with Red and green color. The shape of a water drop is use in from both the directions. upward and downward. The sleeves down side is full with lace and small tussels of maroon color, which enhances the creativity of professional tailor.

Gul Ahmed FE 70 Festive Eid 2017Here the pant is also dye and plain. But stitch in slightly bell bottom style. The heavy volume is add by adding the small size tusseles in the form of one lace till upward in the belt of the trouser. It creates a unique and elegant style while moving. the swing tussels are creating a very beautiful scene while moving.

The dupatta is of chiffon fabric. It uses White embroidery all over in the dupatta. The box type flower lace of green, yellow and maroon covers all 4 borders of the dupatta. A big size 6 to 8 motifz of same pattern is place in the center of the dupatta, which enhances its beauty.

The Colour Election & Addons

The matching of full shirt, trouser, sleeves and back is completely merge with each others. The uses of green, yellow and maroon color is a touching of beauty in it.

The middle Silver belt on the waist is complementary added in the picture. If u want to add this little add-on to your suit u r surely can. but if u want to neglect it, it doesn’t down your value of your suit.